Because of this simplicity, it is easy to forget that certain precautions must be taken. Kali users
are often the target of those with ill intentions, whether state sponsored groups, elements of orga-
nized crime, or individual hackers. The open-source nature of Kali Linux makes it relatively easy
to build and distribute fake versions, so it is essential that you get into the habit of downloading

A practical guide to testing your network's security with Kali Linux - the preferred choice of penetration testers and hackers Overview Conduct realistic and effective security tests on your network Demonstrate how key data systems are stealthily exploited, and learn how to identify attacks against your own systems Use hands-on techniques to take advantage of Kali Linux, the open source framework of security tools In Detail Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing will teach you the kill chain perspective in assessing network security - from selecting the most effective tools, t...


We live in an increasingly digital world. The number of interconnected devices in our
world is constantly on the rise. Businesses worldwide rely on computers, tablets,
smartphones, and other digital devices in order to compete in a global economy. Many
businesses are necessarily connected to the Internet. Newly connected systems can
come under attack by malicious persons and/or organizations in a matter of minutes.
Because of this...Downloader 

Over 80 recipes on how to identify, exploit, and test web application security with Kali Linux 2 About This Book * Familiarize yourself with the most common web vulnerabilities a web application faces, and understand how attackers take advantage of them * Set up a penetration testing lab to conduct a preliminary assessment of attack surfaces and run exploits * Learn how to prevent vulnerabilities in web applications before an attacker can make the most of it Who This Book Is For This book is for IT professionals, web developers, security enthusiasts, and security professionals


Though this book is a Beginner's series, it is meant for all levels of users, from amateurs right
through to wireless security experts. There is something for everyone. The book starts with
simple attacks but then moves on to explain the more complicated ones, and finally discusses
bleeding edge attacks and research... Downloader 

Master the art of penetration testing with Kali Linux Overview Learn penetration testing techniques with an in-depth coverage of Kali Linux distribution Explore the insights and importance of testing your corporate network systems before the hackers strike Understand the practical spectrum of security tools by their exemplary usage, configuration, and benefits In Detail Kali Linux is a comprehensive penetration testing platform with advanced tools to identify, detect, and exploit the vulnerabilities uncovered in the target network environment. With Kali Linux, you can apply appropriate tes...


Ever thought of using the time-tested tactics and techniques ofthe ancientninja to understand the mind of today's ninja, the hacker? As a penetration tester or security consultant you no doubt perform tests both externally and internally for your clients that include both physical and technical tests. Throw traditional pen testing methods out the window for now and see how thinking and acting like a ninja can actually grant you quicker and more complete access to a company's assets. Get in before the hacker does with these unorthodox techniques. Use all of the tools that the ninja has: disguis... 


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