If you're new to C++ but understand some basic programming, then Learn C++ for Game Development lays the foundation for the C++ language and API that you'll need to build game apps and applications. Learn C++ for Game Development will show you how to:Master C++ features such as variables, pointers, flow controls, functions, I/O, classes, exceptions, templates, and the Standard Template Library (STL) Use design patterns to simplify your coding and make more powerful gamesManage memory efficiently.. Downloader

It took me quite some time to become aware of an amazing analogy that exists between the culinary art and the art of
computer programming.
Probably the most obvious comparison that comes to mind is that both the culinary specialist and the programmer
have similar ultimate goals: to feed. For a chef, it is the human being, for which plenty of raw ingredients are used to
provide edible nutrients as well as gastronomic pleasure, whereas for the programmer it is the microprocessor, for
which a number of different procedures...

 Beginning STL is a contemporary treatment that teaches you the latest C++ 14 APIs, libraries and extensions and how to apply these to your C++ 14 applications. In this book, author Ivor Horton explains what the STL is and how to use it with your C++ applications. You'll learn how to use containers and iterators, as well as how to define, create and apply algorithms. Furthermore, you'll learn about function objects and allocators and how to use them. After reading this book, you'll learn how to extend the STL and define your own types of C++...
This book offers a venue for rapidly learning the language of C++ by concisely revealing its grammar, syntax and main features, and by explaining the key ideas behind object oriented programming (OOP) with emphasis on scientific computing. The book reviews elemental concepts of computers and computing, describes the primary features of C++, illustrates the use of pointers and user-defined functions, analyzes the construction of classes, and discusses graphics programming based on VOGLE and OpenGL. In short, the book is a basic, concise introduction to C++ programming ...

 Introduction to Game Programming with C++ explores the world of game development with a focus on C++. This book begins with an explanation of the basics of mathematics as it relates to game programming, covers the fundamentals of C++, and describes a number of algorithms commonly used in games. In addition, it discusses several libraries that can help you manage graphics, add audio, and create installation software so you can get started on the path to making both 2D and 3D games. With this book: Understand the basics of programming in C++, including working...

C++ es una mejoría sobre muchas de las características de C, y proporciona capacidades de P.O.O. que promete mucho para incrementar la productividad, calidad y reutilización del software.
En C, la unidad de programación es la función, con lo cual, se trata de una programación orientada a la acción.
En C++, la unidad de programación es la clase a partir de la cual, los objetos son producidos. Se trata, pues, de una programación orientada al objeto...

 Hemos agregado bastante código resaltado para facilitar a los lectores la identificación de los segmentos representativos de cada programa. Esta característica ayuda a los estudiantes a revisar rápidamente el material cuando se preparan para exámenes o para algún laboratorio. También resaltamos en nuestra pantalla los diálogos que los usuarios introducen, para diferenciarlos de las salidas de programa.

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